If you are planning or hosting an event and the venue offers free Wi-Fi, dont expect it to be superb and fast paced. When you walk into an event with 300 people, all using iPhones, Blackberrys and other devices, all searching for the Wi-Fi it will run slow, it will also clog the bandwidth for […]

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Think Tank

When you are planning your marketing or your customer engagement don’t discount your staff as a viable – Think Tank. Use them as a soundboard to create relevant, viable and cost effective ideas for marketing, after all they may use different things or ideas for consumerism

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Post Event

To all of those working in operations post event is just as important as the event itself. Getting feedback on the day or afterwards is also gratifying, but my gripe is today that plan your post event the same way you plan the event itself. Clear it down, relay, refresh, reopen… turn it into a […]

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Don’t think that by setting deadlines you are; a] motivating your staff b] adding value or spontaneity c] achieving anything more quickly or d] getting a result that will be profitable or even healthy for your business. Deadlines are meant to be productive !!

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If you sell wine as a or in your business, don’t think that your customers are not savvy enough to know that your adding 1000% mark up on the price. Having a smaller wine list starting at a very low price will enable you to drive more yield through your wine sales and having a […]

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Experience Cooking

With the re-education of children in the kitchen a hot topic at the moment, use the momentum to offer a cooking a experience either at your establishment or at your customers homes. Cooking programs are heavily watched by all ends of the spectrum, with such shows as Man Vs Food now becoming iconic in the […]

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